OneSixOne was born in 2018 because we believe that a fresh, diverse expression of creativity and perspectives should truly reflect the modern global audience.

Traditionally, agency culture and homogeneous leadership teams have a tendency of tackling creative problems through the same lens. We wanted an agency filled with wildcards; a combination of different faces all cross-pollinating their experiences, perspectives and talents to create new and exciting ideas full of integrity.


We believe that purpose is the catalyst for building a natural affinity with others. When we realise our purpose it taps into an abundant source of inspiration; transforming the ability to share our unique story.

There’s a frequent tension in having to ‘reinvent the narrative’ to win an audience when one struggles to articulate what they are about, the ‘why’. Our mission is to reshape the way messaging is shared. Purpose breeds integrity and integrity builds trust therefore creating a more honest transparent world.


We have a simple model; look inward and define your true purpose, interpret and create.



We are passionate about stories, it’s what genuinely excites us. Every creative process begins with time spent asking, listening, learning and discovering your passions, beliefs, culture and origin. We do this in order to gain a wholesome picture of your intent, purpose and what you stand for.



This is where we build brand integrity. The foundational narrative behind your ‘why’ will inform everything we explore creatively, shape your positioning and understand the audience we communicate with.



This is how we see this phase of collaboratively creating conceptual ideas and activations based on our discoveries. The authentic and innovative visual language and expression of who you truly are and what you’re really about. A timeless interpretation.


The name OneSixOne derives from the concept of the 4,000 year old principle called the Golden ratio. Commonly found in nature, the design creates an organic composition most pleasing to the human eye. This approximately equates to a 1:1.61 ratio, thus the name OneSixOne.

This principle describes the perfectly symmetrical relationship between two propositions. OneSixOne endeavours to create balance and harmony between a brand’s purpose and the formation of creative ideas to establish the most honest representation of each client.

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