About Us

OneSixOne is a
multi-disciplinary creative house based in London.

We look like a family who’ve built a catalytic house for creative inspiration.

We aid ideals we believe in and enhance stories with creative concepts, beautiful messaging, emotive design and branding with integrity.

The name OneSixOne derives from the decimal approximation of the golden ration (1.61). Visually, consistency is anchored on the system and mechanics of the golden ration. It represents our ethos to create with beauty and integrity and a vision to see purpose realised



Brand Design / Naming & Concept Design / Tone of Voice / Brand Positioning & Strategy

Creative Direction/ Art Direction / Campaign Design / Photography / Film / Illustration / Digital Design & Build / Channel & Platform Design / Digital Content / Print & Packaging / Toolkits & Guidelines



New Business


Creative House

OneSixOne, SPS House,
302 The Highway, London, E1W 3DH