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Aaron Taylor, friend, collaborator, songwriter, artist, and producer expands personal thoughts and perspectives on standing the test of time. A product of integrity is longevity. A lucrative and often missing piece in the current economy and culture of our music industry. 

Still life. Better Days.The Long Way Home. One of London’s finest contributions to the modernity of soul inspired talent, Aaron Taylor is constant in storytelling and sonic creation. Mainly for personal interest, we asked him to expound the notion of creating stories and sounds with real substance, timeless even.

"So much of what we experience in life is temporary and fleeting.I like the idea of creating music that can outlive me. Songs that can be still relevant for and sung by generations to come. It’s easier said than done. Especially when music’s business model is ever changing and the rise of quick success stories".

And that's not a generalisation. When you ask the question, 'who's songs will you still be singing 30 years from now', what comes to mind? And furthermore, does it even matter? How long are we happy to be entertained by a single means of entertainment. Tastes change over time, but value and appreciation is something our human-ness deems nostalgic. Worth a conversation. Worth sharing. Of worth. And as we age it seems we're less occupied with gaining short dopamine bursts and more interested in a library of meaningful worth. That age threshold for satisfaction is increasing with each generation, more so than ever with those born after 1996 caring more about consistency in authenticity where artistry and messaging is concerned. Doing what we say we're going to do, being who we say we are, embodying what we say we are about. The new clout currency in our message. Those artists and songs which seem to retain popularity, often we know what they were about and felt a deep connection to more than their relevance of the time but a message, an identity, an aspiration, a hope or a reminder.

"I try to tap into a feeling, into those emotions that never quite leave us and are universal to the human experience. That’s always the aim. Songs that are familiar not necessarily because of a chord progression or a sound, but because of an emotion that echoes off the listener. It’s almost like trying to create that deja-vu feeling with music. The sounds of our subconscious".

Aaron Taylor's latest release, 'A Fool For You' is now available across all streaming platforms alongside previous EP's 'The Long Way Home', 'Better Days', and 'Still Life'.

Words by Aaron Taylor & Matt Miller

Photography by Matt Miller & Paul Akinrinlola


  1. Aaron Taylor - 'A Fool for You'
  2. Aaron Taylor - 'The Long Way Home'
  3. Aaron Taylor - 'Better Days'

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