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Pause. In Linkedin’s ‘Today’s news and views’, taking action on Black inclusion is top of the list. Whilst it is encouraging to see the topic of discussion is a new priority for us all, I’m still somewhat disappointed. It’s early days, but I’ve yet to see anyone discuss the prevailing issue over new policies, posting black tiles, ‘standing with' statements and new PC hiring targets.

Proximity. Some may argue that business and personal are two separate things but in this realm, I believe they inform each other. In our industry and creative agencies let’s face it, the seats at the table are regularly filled with the same faces. If those faces don’t have friends or close inter-personal relationships with black people can we expect change that benefits both client and agency?

Change that addresses our exclusive systems, prevents the appropriation of ideas, innovation and culture that creatives, the market and consumer have now grown tired of? There’s more to this than a new universal copy & paste policy expressing the intent of our creative teams and leadership.

In part its why we set up OneSixOne. So the table looked like the landscape. When we say we understand our tribe; we really do. Why? Because it is us. A family/tribe where all are trusted and we view our well-being and contribution holistically. When you’re in close proximity you don’t need recruitment targets.

Integrity matters on all levels so that our messaging holds power and truth in an age of digital transparency. Our intent has always been that our creative family and clients see their purpose realised. In the work we produce and our creative practice. It just makes sense to us and our work.

Happy to help.

Not your average looking agency.


Words & photography by Matt Miller


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