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This month’s top 5 resources on Diversity, Creativity and Purpose.

Diversity? Creativity? Purpose? I’m sure over the past few years you’ve heard these topics discussed more and more. However, how do we stop them from becoming meaningless buzzwords and turn them into perpetual pillars within our society?

Today’s digitally led culture is often swollen with white noise and meaningless content derived from comparison and hype. Brands that lack purpose borrow promiscuously for their competition, whose ideas are often fabricated by a homogenous leadership team.

So how can you cut through the noise??

We believe that authentic diversity can catalyse an abundant source of creativity and innovation. Each unique perspective is built from a compilation of experiences, cultures, upbringings, hobbies and personal connections. A diversified team is able to effectively cross-pollinate these vast resources of stimuli to acquire and shape new ideas that homogeneous teams lack access to.

Purpose can act as the steady undercurrent that offers each original idea a platform to grow from and add meaning to. Without a clear purpose, ideas put into action can often lack integrity and meaning. Thus, the powerful combo of diversity and purpose work synonymously to produce greater innovation.

The OSO library was created to help expand your eclectic store of information whilst also guiding you to effective resources that can help educate your understanding on diversity, creativity and purpose.  

This month’s top 5 resources on Diversity, Creativity and Purpose.

1. ‘Don’t 'tap into' diverse cultures in 2021, find ways to push them forward’ by Will Campbell. (Read)

Why is it worth a read? How do we turn cultural appropriation into authentic representation? Will Campbell offers a compelling argument of how we can find meaningful ways to contribute to the cultures that the creative industries’  regularly pull inspiration from.

Stand out quote: So, this year, our creative work should reflect (and reward) the cultures behind these diverse perspectives in ways that go further than branded merchandise or posting black squares on Instagram. And our organizational work needs to go beyond hiring Chief Diversity Officers to setting up new practices for creating and sustaining equitable opportunities across the board for Black and brown people.

Read it here:

2. A More Beautiful Question: The Power of Inquiry to Spark Breakthrough Ideas by Warren Berger (Read)

Why is it worth a read? To build an inclusive workplace start by asking more questions. Give more space for other voices to be heard. Warren Berger provides a persuasive argument on how our society has pedestalled good answers over good questions. We need to invite more diverse perspectives to the table if we wish to become more innovative and creative.

Stand out quote: “The most important thing business leaders must do today is to be the ‘chief question-asker’ for their organization,”…“The first thing most leaders need to realize is, they’re really bad at asking questions.”

Where to buy: Amazon

3. How a strong creative industry helps economies thrive by Mehret Mandefro (Watch)

Why is it worth a watch?  When global leaders think about which industries can fuel economic growth, the arts are often overlooked. But filmmaker Mehret Mandefro says the creative sector actually has the power to grow economies -- while also helping safeguard democracy. In this captivating talk, she shares a behind-the-scenes look at how she's putting culture back on the economic agenda in Ethiopia, and explains why other countries would benefit from doing the same.

Stand out quote: I would argue one of the best ways to safeguard democracy is to expose everyone to each other's stories, music, cultures and histories, and of course, it's the creative economy that does that best. It's the sector that helps teach civil society how to access new ideas that are free of bias. Artists have long found ways to inspire inclusion, tell stories and make music for lasting political impact.|

Watch it here:

04. ‘When Purpose Fails’ by Meggan Wood (Read)

Why is it worth a read? Sometimes the best ways to know how to make something work is to see what contributes to its failure. Written for, Meggan Wood outlines some contributing factors that can stunt your purpose from becoming a success.

Stand out quote: "Purpose is fundamentally focused on the future and the better world it hopes to create. But by never looking back, purpose remains fleeting, revisited and reshaped by brand teams often, usually because it’s viewed as the latest movement or latest campaign. A good purpose stays around long enough to hold itself accountable. It creates positive impact, which means it measures something. And if it’s successful, it creates a better past for the brand.”

Read it here:

5. The OneSixOne Podcast (Listen)

Why is it worth a listen? As mentioned in our previous blog post “Welcome to the OneSixOne Podcast” we centre our podcasts around topics that are often discussed during the day in our agency. These topics range from purpose, diversity, creativity, representation, failure and more.

Listen via: Apple or Spotify

Diversity, creativity and purpose act together in creating a positive domino effect within any given culture. Without diversity, our culture (whether it be a workplace or society as a whole) is at a risk of becoming fixed in the production of the same unimaginative ideas and innovations. Without a clearly defined purpose, cultures will be at the risk of being shaped only by those in power with zero accountability. This could prevent culture from moving forward, and distressingly preserve a homogenous culture we are trying to dissolve. Our OSO library will continue to provide you with useful resources in one place to help further your education and to put that knowledge into good use. Continue to watch this space for monthly resources on diversity, creativity and purpose.

OneSixOne is a diverse creative agency that specialises in purpose-driven messaging and creativity. Are you looking to establish a clear purpose and share meaningful content? If so, contact us at to find out more on how we can help.

Words by Stephanie Alcaino, Creative Director


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