Alpha Digital Campaign

A unique space to ask life's big questions

There are a depth of questions that we feel like we can’t ask, won’t ask, or don’t know who to ask. These questions are often hidden, bubbling below the surface, reserved for moments of poignancy, wrestled with in privacy. Life’s distractions, bewilderment, and fleeting pleasures seduce us into a perpetual state of doing until moments of sober contemplation inevitably return. Now, walking with wonderings unavoidable, where can we go to ask them? Why am I here? What’s my purpose in life? Am I really living?

Curiosity is on the tip of our tongues

In this 2020 invitation, we wanted to focus on highlighting the unique space that Alpha offers; where people can go and ask some of life's biggest questions. We were fascinated by how curiosity played a role in the Alpha guest journey and their desire to discuss topics that are usually considered taboo or inappropriate to ask in day to day environments. This campaign playfully exposes moments of deep curiosity amidst the everyday. Snapshots of familiar circumstances offer a sense of normality, interrupted by a sober reflection and call to action to take your unanswered questions to Alpha. 'Girl on sofa; "Why am I here?". Probably not the best question to ask Alexa... Ask At Alpha."

An emerging Audience

In the current cultural climate, Alpha discovered a need to extend its invitation to a younger demographic; Generation Z. We wanted to utilise Alpha's pre-existing association with questioning as a starting point to build a clear narrative that addressed the inquisitive needs of this pragmatic generation. As digital natives, the 'true gen' makes no distinction between life online and IRL. We depicted scenarios that reflected experiences both on and offline; where the physical and digital space merge into one.

Everything is in flux

While the context of COVID-19 spoke of social distancing, self-isolation and the absence of physical contact, our unwavering human ability to connect both online and through conversation remained. This campaign brought a new challenge during a time where the global pandemic was in full swing, limiting traditional resources. In response to the climate, we built a visual language that adopted the new working environment as Alpha began to transition it's course online. A new custom typeface was introduced to portray Alpha's move into the digital space and we collaborated with their diverse cast of protagonists to produce user-generated content and capture each scenario employing online photo-shoots.

A special thank you to Emma, Stephen, Dave, Hannah, Jo, Sam and Luke for their valuable contribution to this project.

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