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A fuller picture of the world

BEKA is a thought led artist who, through music, art and conversation creates a universe of wonder where people are known, loved, and alive. Everyone is led by, shaped, and inspired by significant experiences or compelling perspectives throughout their lives. It forms our individualism and informs our collective cultures. At worst, these nuances also hold the power to divide, make us misunderstood and lonely. When there’s no place for conversation how do we grow in understanding, truth, and love?

It’s only when diverse perspectives are included, respected, and valued that we can start to get a full picture of the world...”
- Brené Brown

The word universe translates to a particular sphere of activity or experience. This concept was born from BEKA’s initial inspiration of using the word as an artist name. Curious by nature, BEKA’s messaging observes both individual and collective thought patterns. She questions the human experience and invites us into a dialogue that is open to diverse perspectives.

Playful Curiosity

With a strong desire to know or learn, BEKA’s leading value is demonstrated by playful curiosity. Experience and perspective are obtained through exploration and observation done so in a playful manner. Visually this value is translated through transitional imagery that evokes a sense curiosity through perspective, styling, and subject matter. This involves the use of an extensive palette of colours, inspired by the multifaceted nature of light, which reflects BEKA’s intentionality of exploring new perspectives. The graphic system reveals and conceals the subject to evoke a sense of curiosity.

‘I’ll be there’ single cover

BEKA’s single ‘I’ll Be There’ explores the harmony and dissonance you face as you watch the one closest to you struggle through mental illness. This song is a response and a commitment to remain present, to listen and the acknowledgement that you may not always have the answers. We aimed to capture the fragile tipping point that is so often embedded amid feelings of sadness and joy and allowed the viewer to determine which emotion they associate the final image to.

Dream of a new world

Each touch point of the brand has been considered in a way that reimagines the human experience. To encourage the message of being transparent with our lives and welcoming people to see things from a new perspective. Examples like the clear bags also create a strong brand footprint associating BEKA’s music with varying lifestyles.

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