Art Direction


Danny O'Callaghan

We've loved working closely with Danny O'Callaghan, songwriter and artist creating and producing artwork for his latest singles and EP 'War on Desire' and the music video for his first release, 'Worth it All'.⁠ Each piece illustrates themes communicated through each song under the over-arching exploration of a battle of desire.⁠ The theme acts as an umbrella over the project creating a progressive conceptual narrative throughout each subsequent release.

War on Desires

We worked closely with musician Danny O’Callaghan and Running Club Records to produce artworks and a music video to accompany the release of his EP ‘War on Desire’. The project explores the subject of desires and the tension at play between good and bad, battle and victory; themes that are present within Danny’s personal faith.

"There's a war on desires, trying to win the fight for me"

The search for something more

As part of the EP we created several accompanying images in tandem with the pre-release of singles as well as a music video. As many of the reoccurring themes within Danny's work explore the relationship and tension between two opposing entities (good/bad, battle/victory, doubt/faith) we aimed to build visuals that demonstrated an interaction between two subjects and their relationship within one space.
These visuals place the audience as an observer, inviting them to reflect on these interactions and finding their place within them - in the same way Danny lyrically explores his position within the battle of good and bad.

A War on Desire

For the final EP cover the scene depicts two figures in a confrontation denoting tension and engagement without direct violence. The war represented is a holistic struggle rather than a war of brute strength. It is one of mind, soul and spirit, principalities and powers. Motion is used to suggest a journey and the type of warfare where lines can be blurred.

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