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A fresh look at technology.

In an industry that is moving fast into the future, technology can also become the foothold to progression. Intellimorph was born out of the desire of creating a robotic process automation (RPA) company that placed the human factor at the centre of their technology. Intellimorph is passionate about providing services that empower people into the fulfilling work that they were made to do and to provide products with integrity. We worked with the team to create a brand that spoke authentically about what they stood for.

Do What You Are Made For

At a time where there is uncertainty over new technology replacing jobs, there has been a spike in tech companies feeling pressure to build confidence in the value of their staff. For Intellimoprh, they were focused on producing creative solutions for technological challenges that did not threaten the position in the workplace but enabled people to find fulfilment within their roles.

We were able to help Intellimorph shape a strong narrative that drew from their origin story and passions to see the robotics industry evolve - keeping people and integrity at the centre.

The birth of Robotics

The Intellimorph mark is a key element in the transformation of the brand. The symbol uses a silhouette of a butterfly to symbolise the evolution of technology. The mark has been illustrated using overlapping lines to mimic the movement of electricity and data to reinforce the brand's emphasis on innovation. We named this the ‘Archytas’, after the ‘Father of Robotics’.

People evolving,
transforming places

Enabling people to do what they were made for means they can move out of their previous limitations into a future of greater possibilities. A graphic system was developed to represent the journey taken and the transformative power it has not only on individuals but the environments they work in. The moving lines, electric colours and diverse subjects photographed culminate together to show the forward-thinking attitude of the brand. The visual palette dials up and down to accommodate each touchpoint, showing potential for growth in different environments and building a meaningful interaction with the brand.


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