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Hope for the future

For refugees arriving in Europe, education is a priority: it’s how lives begin to be rebuilt and hope for the future is rekindled. But getting back into, and progressing in education is fraught with challenge. We partnered with Refugee Education UK to evolve their brand strategy and visual identity to celebrate the importance of access to education for young refugees and the impact of the work the charity does.

Dawn of a new day

Each day welcomes the prospect of new beginnings. It is an opportunity to experience life afresh and look beyond our past. These twilight moments were the inspiration for the REUK brand and served as a metaphor for the impact it had in young refugees' lives. Silhouetted in the brand mark, a sunrise and opening book are combined to communicate the notion of knowledge illuminating our existence. It was this theme that influenced the choice of colours and the broader aesthetic mimicking light transforming spaces.

Changing the landscape

REUK are committed to seeing change in the way education is accessed. It is their belief that each young person is entitled to the same privileges regardless of their background or current circumstances. It was this leading value that shaped the tone of the brand, positioning itself as someone to inspire others to have belief in themselves and to celebrate the milestones achieved. It was this theme of hope that was reflected in the visual identity and overall messaging.

Valuing the individual

At the heart of the REUK brand is an emphasis on the impact on the individual. That’s why we have positioned campaign photography front and centre, to create an aspirational image that promotes the significance and worth of every person REUK partners with. It is their ultimate goal for systematic change that no longer requires their aid, and it's this transparency that allows them to fall into the background and place the limelight on those thriving in life.

The aim was also to diverge from how the charity sector often display their visuals by shifting the focus away from images of causality towards depicting the impact of changed lives.

A special thank you to Catherine, Moses, Emily, Jess and the team at REUK for their important contribution to the project and inspiring us along the way. To a brighter future.

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